Why is it always about data visualization? Why couldn't data be felt? I made a interesting interactive project, which showing that user could user heartbeats to perceive data! The source data was China GDP per capita. Below is the detailed explanation of this project.

The player should wave hands to start, his gesture and stepping speed were detected by Kinect and visualized through the projection in real time. The GDP number increased as user made more steps. When the number reached China's GDP per capita of that year, "Year" bar would flip into Next Year. The accelerated heartbeats and the fatigue told the user how much GDP were increased over that year. Data was not seen but felt. But surely, this method only suits for certain data that always increases over time. This kind of data is usually hard to attract attention. It is simple, no one would put time on it. Therefore, feeling the data by heartbeats is more impressive. 

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