Seeking Freedom
To: The audience, you, a prisoner in the world,
It is a story telling a person's journey of seeking freedom. At the beginning of the story, she lives in a prison without walls. She wants to get out of the prison but she dares not. Eventually, hearing the sound beneath the floor, she gets the courage to escape from the prison. A big step! She is so excited trying to contact with others. But no on accept her. She runs and runs. Looks like she gets the freedom, however, without understanding from others, is that a real freedom? Suddenly, she finds a open prison! Will that prisoner accept her? She approaches the prison, perturbed in mind. What! That is the prison she escaped from. 
What the freedom means is such a difficult question. I thought and thought, then I came up with this story. It's a tragic, definitely. Everyone lives in an invisible prison. It could be law, morality or desire. If you wants the freedom, you have to be excluded from the whole society. 
I was struggled with how to narrate the story. I decided to use 3D animated figure without any identity, since it would help the audience focus on the story and imagine the figure representing the audience herself. Without any dialogue or subtitles, the music plays the role of expressing the emotion of the figure. 
This film was made in 2013. It was a hard time for me. As the first time trying to produce an animation, I was glad that I injected my thought into the story and explored a new way to narrate it.
Hope you like it.
From: another prisoner in the world.

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