Physical Simon Game

It was a school assignment required to redesign simon memory game. In a traditional simon game, when the player wins a level, there was no exciting victory feedbacks. So I decided to give the player some cool physical feedbacks when she won the level. If won the whole game, she would get a souvenir ball.

What quality I show in this project
Explorative Spirit.
Problem Solving Skill. Actually, the friction of the wood material effects the ball movements a lot. I tried metal ball, it was too massive, went too fast and jumped out of the rail. Eventually, I found the tissue ball which rolls in a perfect speed. Moreover, it was challenging to design the wheel gear. I had a small motor running supper fast. But I could not have the "L"shape line go too fast otherwise the ball could not get out from the hole of "L" shape line. Therefore, I had to decrease the speed of "L" shape line. Finally, I figured out the solution, have another large gear connected to the motor gear, and paste a small radius stick on the large gear. I feel I am really good at math! LOL It was always challenging to make some physical installation cuz physical law would be the constraint.

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